Johana S

Hi! My name is Johana and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. Currently, I'm working as a freelance cartoonist and scriptwriter on my comic, which I plan to release in spring 2023. In addition, I have freelance experience in branding and illustration design.


I have a university degree in Design and Digital Creation at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) as well as a Vocational Degree in Gamification and 3D Animation at Obicex.

I have been an intern at YODA GAMES S.L. and Obicex as a concept artist and 3D modeler. I have also worked for MAS Abogados as a video editor and infographics designer in Posidon's PCP Project.


Recently, I have been participating in pop culture shows such as Japan Weekend and the Manga and Japanese Culture Show in Alicante as a merchandising salesperson in non-commercial stands.


In my web portfolio Johanarte, you can find all my works and projects, as well as my online store with my featured illustrations.

Who am I?